Maple Avenue Baptist Church (MABC) in Georgetown, Ontario, desires to raise up and equip men and women to serve God’s Kingdom as pastors (men), missionaries or other full-time Christian workers.

To that end, we have established a paid 12-month Ministry Internship designed to supplement formal theological education. Ministry Interns will function as a part of our ministry team, entrusted with high-level ministry responsibilities. They will receive training, feedback and supervision from our pastoral team.

The ideal candidate will concurrently be attending a seminary or other formal theological training program full time at an accredited institution. Those who have just completed seminary or who are taking less than a full-time course load will also be considered in exceptional circumstances. Preference will be given to members and adherents of MABC and then to those with a close tie

to MABC. The Ministry Internship commences September 1, 2020 and runs through August 31, 2021.


1.  The Ministry Intern is expected to work an average of 20 hours per week. This will allow for studies to be carried on during the internship and provide meaningful service to the church and ministry-related experience to the Ministry Intern.

2.  The Ministry Intern is expected to maintain a full-time or nearly full-time course load during the tenure of the internship (exemptions may be considered for recent seminary graduates).

3.  Assigned duties will be ministry related. They will be assigned based on the Ministry Intern’s giftings and the needs of the church. They could include duties such as:

  • Teaching adult Bible Class (if male)
  • Leading various discipleship pathways (Growth Groups, Core Prayer Groups, One-to-One Bible Reading)
  • Handling Sunday morning experience (greeters, ushers, connecting to visitors, etc.)
  • Teaching Baptism class
  • New visitor follow-up (connecting, newcomers’ luncheon, tracking)
  • Various administrative responsibilities
  • Leading a ministry (e.g. College & Career, Disability Ministry)
  • Helping with Children and Youth ministries

4.  The Ministry Intern will be expected to participate in certain training including a weekly Scripture & Sermon meeting and possible conferences or seminars.


1.  Is enrolled in full-time theological training during the internship, or is at an equivalent level of training.

2.  Has a solid, growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

3.  Is in agreement with MABC’s Statement of Faith.

4.  Has strong alignment with the vision and philosophy of MABC. 

5.  Is committed to entering full-time Christian ministry.

6.  Is able to relocate to Georgetown area or is committed to commuting 3-4 times a week.


The intern will receive a stipend of $350 per week.

Application Process

To be considered for the Ministry Internship, please email the following by July 15, 2020 to Scott Taylor:

1.  Your resume including work experience, schooling, and vocational aspirations.

2.  Completed copy of “Initial Internship Questionnaire”. (please request by email)

3.  Contact information (email and phone number) for 3 references:

  • The pastor of your current church (unless MABC)
  • An academic or professional reference (e.g. your professor or your manager)
  • A peer reference

You will be contacted by July 31, 2020 to acknowledge your application and, if necessary, to set up a time for an interview.