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  • gentle and lowly

    Cost:  $20

    Description: This is a book for sinners and sufferers that corrects many wrong ways we view God’s ways and his heart.

  • how to read the bible for all its worth

    Cost:  $25

    Description: This is an accessible guide to reading and interpreting the Bible, with a strong emphasis on how to approach the distinct genres of the Bible.

  • refuting compromise

    Cost:  $15

    Description: Evolutionary teaching assaults the church both from without and from within. This book deals with the latter and shows how such methods distort the clear teaching of Scripture on origins.

  • strange new world

    Cost:  $25

    Description: Why is identity, sexuality and sexual expressions such a prominent feature of our culture? How did our society get here, ideologically speaking? This book provides a summary of western thought and how we’ve arrived at our current cultural moment.

  • knowing god

    Cost:  $25

    Description: A classic work that helps us understand who God is and what it means to know him.


    Cost:  $10

    Description: This book combats many common wrong ways evangelicals think about theology and Christian living. In so doing, it exalts in the freedom and joy that the true gospel brings.