proclaiming the good news!

Becoming more like Christ; leading more to Christ.

We get to enter into the plentiful harvest (Luke 10:2) with the glorious gospel of God’s saving activity through Jesus Christ for our neighbours, our community, and the nations. This news is too good to keep to ourselves! Evangelism is taking part in the great privilege of sharing that good news with others. Below are ways we can do that together as a church.

Door to Door Evangelism

A ministry where groups of 2 go out into our community with hopes of sharing the gospel and, if the opportunity arises, providing follow up discipleship. If you would like to learn more or sign up, please contact Matt Laidlaw.


Path for the Gospel Prayer Chain

Want others to be praying for the people you have shared the gospel with?  Want to pray for others who are hearing the gospel?  Then please join in as we look to God together to open doors (Colossians 4:3), to help us make the gospel clear (Colossians 4:4), and for others to be saved into a right relationship with him (Matthew 6:9-10). Let us partner together in prayer!


Goals and guidelines for the prayer chain: 



1. To being praying regularly for the lost

2. To celebrate gospel conversations  

3. To foster a dependence upon the Lord who alone can save

4. To create a culture of evangelism and forge partnerships in the mission  



By signing up for this prayer chain, you are committing to regularly pray for these people who have heard or will hear the gospel.  You will receive an email with updates on gospel shares from people in our church.


1. Click here to complete this form, letting others know of the gospel conversations you have had/will have with someone.


2. This prayer chain aims at giving prayer support for those sharing the gospel and mainly for God to work in those hearts who have heard the gospel, not necessarily someone who you know is an unbeliever. (ie. Instead of: My neighbour is an unbeliever please pray he may come to faith. Rather: I just told my neighbour how Jesus can save him. Please pray he will believe the gospel he heard. Or, I invited my co-worker to church and I am planning to tell him about the good news.)


3. The form will be sent to Matt Laidlaw and then passed along to those who have signed up to receive this email.  This step is for distribution and discretionary purposes.


4. Please complete a form for each person you share with. However, if you work with someone and share the gospel everyday, we ask that you only submit one form, per week, for that person.


5. Confidentiality is important. Please submit information that details the nature of the conversation and refrain from adding any personal information, respecting confidentiality of those we are to be praying for. 


Please contact Matt Laidlaw to sign up and be included in the email.