How To Connect

Interested in connecting more with the Maple Avenue church family?  This is the typical pathway to connecting...

Newcomers Luncheon

Every few months, our church hosts a luncheon for newcomers. This gives newcomers a chance to get to know some of the pastors, key leadership, and their families. It is an informal meal, just after the service.  

Membership Class

We want anyone who joins our church to know who we are and what we’re about. This one-hour class is led by one of our pastors. We encourage you to attend whether you’re considering becoming a member or are just wanting to learn a bit more about us. Please let the church office know if you are interested to know more about this class, or to sign up to attend.

What is Church membership?

Church membership is not an issue of status or voting privileges. Rather, it is an external manifestation of the profound spiritual reality that true Christians are united together in Christ, growing and serving together in local assemblies. Formally joining in membership is a covenantal commitment to walk together with this body as we all grow together in Christ

There are five  expectations of a church members:

  1. Actively participate in our Sunday morning service: We not only want people to attend regularly, we want people to participate. This means prayerfully preparing for worship, reading through the passage ahead of time, and discussing the passage afterwards. We ask people to make a particular priority of taking part in communion on the first Sunday of every month.

  2. Second Sunday prayer: On the second Sunday of every month, our church gathers for an hour of prayer. This is a dynamic and earnest time of pleading with God, and it is a bedrock of what we do as a church. We ask all members to prioritize being a part of this prayer time.

  3. Members' meetings: We typically have 2-3 members' meetings each year. We believe God holds the membership of the church uniquely responsible for what goes on in the church, so we bring important decisions to the church. These meetings are not a time to voice our own opinion but are instead a time for all of us to come together having prayed and studied the Scriptures to express what we have sensed to be God’s direction for us.

  4. Do the work of ministry: In keeping with our vision, we expect all members to give themselves in the service of God’s kingdom. This primarily means that each of us is making a point to prayerfully and lovingly speak the truth in love to one another. It also means giving of our time and financial resources to help the church in accomplishing our shared goals.

  5. Live a life that adorns our doctrine: We want our collective witness to the community to convey the beauty of biblical Christianity. Because of this, we expect every member to live in a way that reflects they’ve been transformed by the gospel. This doesn’t mean we are perfect. But it does mean we are actively seeking the fruit of His Spirit in our lives, repenting of sin when we see it.