• culture

    Our services are a special time spent in music and God's Word. 

    During this Covid-season, screening and registration take place upon arrival. Seeing masks are recommended to be worn indoors, if you arrive without one, we can provide one for you.

    Our service starts at 10:30 am. It usually runs about an hour and fifteen minutes. For information on our Nursery and Children's Church, click here.

    Our Sunday mornings feel a bit like a family reunion. There are kids of all ages, young and old, and an eagerness to linger and visit outside after the service, while practicing physical distancing. We do not have a dress code; you'll see a range of casual dress to more formal attire.

    Click here to view our weekly bulletin.


    Our church is beautifully inter-generational, and this is reflected in our music. We like to sing one another’s songs. The one thing that unites our various musical styles is that they are all teaching us truths from God’s Word. At MABC, we like to say that the most important instrument is the voice of the congregation. Our musicians serve the congregation so that we can sing God’s Word to one another as we praise our God. Our music teams are typically made up of someone on percussion, keys, guitar, bass, a lead and supporting vocalist and an accent musician (e.g. violin, trumpet, clarinet).

  • praying god's word

    We believe God actually works through our prayers to accomplish his purposes. Because of that, we prioritize praying together within our services. In the middle of the service, one of the elders leads a congregational prayer. The priority and focus of the prayer is shaped by God's Word, often borrowing the language of a particular passage. This is an important time as we together express our complete dependence upon God uniting our prayers together. The pastor will also pray just before and after the sermon.

  • Hearing God's WORD

    Our sermons start with a reading from the Bible. This is the most important part of the sermon. It’s so important, we all stand for it. After that, the pastor explains and applies what we’ve just read. His goal is for the main point of his sermon to match the main point of the passage we read. That’s because we want to be hearing from God, not from a man. That’s also why we regularly preach through books of the Bible instead of choosing topics to speak on. If you want to hear a sample sermon before coming, you can listen here.