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Our goal is for every member to be connecting organically to others in discipling relationships. In pursuit of that goal, our church has three pathways for connecting people into discipling relationships.

Vibrant discipling relationships may (and should!) happen outside of these pathways, but these are three we want to be common:

  • One to one Bible Reading

    This happens when a believer gets together with another believer or a non-believer to study the Bible together for a set period of time. Our church library has a plethora of guides and resources to help people do this.

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  • Core Prayer Groups

    Three to four people commit to meeting every week or every-other week for a set length of time (typically 6 months). Each would come ready to share five prayer requests:

    • A measurable spiritual goal (e.g. spend time every day in the Bible, serve my wife by helping with the chores, share the gospel with a coworker)
    • An area of character growth (e.g. patience, self-control, grace, meekness, discipline)
    • A “gripped by the gospel” request (e.g. grasp my sin more fully, listen to more gospel-rooted music, set my hope more on Christ’s eternal kingdom)
    • A “life update” request – share something that’s going on in your life and a Bible verse that informs how you’d like others to pray for it.
    • Path of the Gospel - Think of one unbeliever in your life with whom you are actively trying to explain the gospel. (e.g. An old friend you are writing a letter to, a family member you are travelling to see, a co-worker you are having deeper conversations with, an unbeliever who has become connected to our church.)

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  • Growth Groups

    A small group of people agree to meet for a set period of time in order to help each other grow as Christians. They may choose to study a book of the Bible or study a certain topic (e.g. parenting, honouring God in the workplace). There are men’s groups, women’s groups and mixed groups.